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Seville – Unusual Opening Session

Convention – IT Sector

1000 people arrive in Seville and have to go to Punta Umbria, a new destination that offers excellent infrastructure for large events. The distance to be travelled involves an hour and a half by bus, after the plane trip.

Mice Challenge: We propose to start with an immersion in Spain and our culture. We make the group participants take a break after disembarking the plan and before starting the journey to their final destination, the hotel in Punta Umbria.

The group arrives in 3 planes in the late afternoon. It is necessary to find a place where participants can wait for each other, have the opening session, have dinner and go to their hotel.  

TA DMC Spain – Team in Action: We organize the meeting points for the participants, who arrive in three airplanes. We started the journey to the place chosen to make this first contact with Spain. We created an atypical gathering room inside a traditional Sevillian finca, followed by an Andalusian cocktail dinner in the beautiful gardens of the finca. A surprise effect and wow guaranteed.

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Punta Umbria – April Fair dinner

Product Launch – IT Sector

1000 people in Punta Umbria, the client wants to organize a wow dinner for the second night of their annual convention, where they present new products.

Mice Challenge: Find or create a unique space that can accommodate a group of these dimensions for a catering service with entertainment and show, think of a plan B in case of bad weather, which, of course, fits the client’s budget.

TA DMC Spain – Team in Action: We propose to recreate an April festival, the most famous festival in southern Spain, in the local bullring. The assembly has to be done in 2 days, with a security plan approved by the city council and several challenges in terms of production and logistics. We achieved a unique and truly festive evening.

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