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TA DMC Spain - CEO event agency in spain

Eulàlia Aliguer - CEO

TA DMC Spain is led by me, Eulàlia Aliguer, Company CEO. My passion for events dates back to 1997.

“My first experience in this area was the presentation of a new product to the sales network of Vaillaint Turkey in Barcelona, a great challenge. We created experiences from scratch. We had to consider the meeting of two cultures and how they would adapt for each other. We offered creative solutions with almost no technology, and I achieved it all thanks to teamwork with clients and collaborators. We create WOW effects to achieve total success. Since this first experience, the adrenaline and passion for events has never left me.”

The success of this event fuelled my interest in devising the perfect organisational process and offering solutions to any challenge, no matter how big.

My passion gave birth to TA DMC Spain in 2005, a multicultural company that combines vast experience and young talent to exceed all expectations that our clients have for us.

As CEO of this company, my focus is on enjoying every event we organise, and not letting our values suffer, as they are the driving force behind our efforts.

A unique DNA that we work to live up to every day at TA DMC SPAIN

My commitment lies in bringing our values of growth, learning and continuous improvement to every project we undertake. The desire to discover new ways of doing things and finding new ways to overcome the challenges faced by our clients, regardless of their size, are the driving force behind our actions.

Our human values are present in everything we do. We value respect for people and the environment. We encourage work-life balance and teamwork. We believe that the union of diverse cultures, intelligences, skills and experiences is the basis for mutual enrichment and personal and professional growth.

Our mission goes beyond simply organising events; we are committed to assisting and accompanying each client on their journey, anticipating their needs and ensuring that their experience is exceptional in every aspect.

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